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Rat Invasion

12:30 am the emergency line rings… I hear on the other line: Oh thank goodness you answered, in a panic stricken voice, we have a RAT in our toilet! We always keep the lid closed but I was hearing noises and screamed for my husband before I lifted the lid. He came in and before […]

Tampa Rat Removal

Are you hearing noises in your attic at night? What are those scratching sounds coming from the ducts in your office ceiling? When you hear those sounds around your house or business, call for our wildlife management service. We offer rat removal Tampa residents can rely on. Tampa is home to a diverse population. People […]

Free Animal inspection, call today…

We all like free stuff, and we’re offering free animal inspection to any new homeowner in the Sarasota, Tampa and Bradenton area! The process of buying a home can be very hectic, and there are all kinds of fees, inspections, contracts and real estate agent services that aren’t free. It’s easy to forget a detail […]

Rats in Forclosure Home

Rats in Forclosure Home Well as everyone is aware there are more & more vacant homes that have either been foreclosed on, people have walked away from, or are bank owned. With that being said a lot of times these homes are found being occupied by the homeless or better yet look what we found […]

Fort Myers Rodent Control and Removal

Rat Remover of Florida is the foremost expert in locating, catching and removing rodents that invade your Fort Myers home or property. We use only humane methods of capture or disposal, and can clean up the mess that rats and other rodents can leave behind. Droppings in the attic are not the only danger to […]

Tampa Bay Rat Removal

The expert Rat control technicians at Tampa Bay Rat Remover will set traps to catch the rats living in your home. They will also locate and remove the dead rats from your attic and walls.

Time to prepare

Now that the weather is turning cooler, it might be time to prepare for a potential home invasion. Rodents will be looking for a warm, dry place to live, so don’t make it easy for them. Trim back hedges and bushes away from the side of the house. Trim tree branches that are over hanging […]

A den of rats

What an unusual situation. We got a call at Nuisance Wildlife Removal from someone needing rat trapping. We dispatched a technician right away, and what he found was a small hole in the middle of the manicured lawn. It looked almost like a mole tunnel entrance. He stuck a hose in it and turned on […]

Orlando Rat Removal

Rat Trapping in Orlando Florida If you’re hearing the pitter-pat of little feet, but they’re in your attic or crawl space, it could be rats. Nuisance Wildlife Removal is your Orlando expert at getting rid of rats. Very often in the Orlando area, wildlife such as rats and raccoons are forced from their natural habitat, […]

Orlando Dead Animal Removal

Whats the smell in the attic? If you have a rat problem, or suspect one, then you may encounter the stench of dead animals in your home. If you’ve tried poisons and thought they’d just leave to die, you may be disappointed. Rats will often go back to their nests when they feel the effects […]