If you live in a rustic, older Tampa home, or even near one, there are often structural defects that can remain unseen for years until rats, bats or other rodents find and exploit them. Once rats move in, you will hear noises in the attic and walls, there will be strange smells, and even foul odors associated with the decay of the rats that died in your attic or even in your walls.

If your Tampa, Ybor, Carrollwood or Town N Country home or neighborhood is infested with rats, call the Tampa and Hillsborough rat removal experts. Rat Remover of Tampa will rid you of rats, and ease your mind about rodent contamination in your Tampa Attic. Rat infestation is not unusual at all in the St. Pete, Tampa Bay area.

The expert Rat control technicians at Tampa Bay Rat Remover will set traps to catch the rats living in your home. They will also locate and remove dead rats from your attic and walls. Next, he will inspect the whole house to determine active and even potential points of entrance that the rats are using to gain entrance to your Tampa home, and suggest the best ways to avoid future rat and rodent infestation.

Our technician will also inform you of the severity of the contamination to your Tampa Bay home’s attic or crawl space. You may want to consider letting us do a complete attic clean out and decontamination. The cost of this procedure is often offset by your home owner’s insurance concerning rat decontamination.

Attic and insulation can often become a health hazard by spreading airborn diseases through your Tampa Bay Home through the air conditioning system and vents. Feral rats in Tampa Bay can often spread Weil’s Disease.

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