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The First Signs that You Need Rat Removal Bradenton

The First Signs that You Need Rat Removal Bradenton Why should I care if I have any rats in my walls, ceiling or attic? It is both highly disturbing as well as dangerous if you discover that you have a rat problem in your home. Ask anyone who has had to go through it. They will […]

Chewing Sounds in Walls [Lakewood Ranch]

Chewing Sounds in Walls [Lakewood Ranch] Have you been hearing gnawing or scratching sounds in the walls of your home at night? Does it sound like there is a creature that is chewing on something? If you are in Lakewood Ranch or surrounding areas we can help! It is possible that you have mice, rats or squirrels living in […]

Rat Infestation and disease in Homes

Rat Infestation and disease in homes Rats are considered in an unfavorable light by many people and there are reasons why this is so. The only cute rat is Ratatouille from the movies. Most are disease carrying rodents who can wreak havoc in a home. A rat infestation is nothing to take lightly, and steps […]

A Surprise in Your Holiday Decorations

So a customer goes up into the attic to bring down their fall decorations and it appeared as though someone/something had decided they were going to use them! Rodents had chewed the box and made it their new home.  You’ll notice a few droppings right outside the entry hole. This time of year our phones […]

Bradenton Rat Removal

Scratching and squeaking are two sounds no Bradenton home or business owner wants to hear. If you hear those noises in your attic, vents, ceilings or walls, you need the dependable rat removal that Bradenton residents know and trust. In Bradenton rat removal is a common occurrence because our beautiful climate is home to a […]

Lakewood Ranch Rat Removal

The stylish suburb of Lakewood Ranch is one of the jewels of the Sarasota region. It is also home to an abundance of sunshine, housing developments and critters that follow wherever human beings settle. One of them is the Norway rat. Unlike the brown rat or roof rat, Norway rats are huge, up to 18 […]

Orlando Rat Removal

Rat Trapping in Orlando Florida If you’re hearing the pitter-pat of little feet, but they’re in your attic or crawl space, it could be rats. Nuisance Wildlife Removal is your Orlando expert at getting rid of rats. Very often in the Orlando area, wildlife such as rats and raccoons are forced from their natural habitat, […]