Are you hearing noises in your attic at night? What are those scratching sounds coming from the ducts in your office ceiling? When you hear those sounds around your house or business, call for our wildlife management service. We offer rat removal Tampa residents can rely on.

Tampa is home to a diverse population. People flock here from all over the world. Along with people come the rats that stow away in cargo, feast on food scraps and even have a taste for wire insulation. Fruit rats are particularly fond of Tampa, with its abundant fruit trees.

Don’t get the idea that it’s easy to catch or kill a rat. When it comes to rat removal, Tampa residents are advised not to handle the problem alone. They’re smart, fast rodents. Rats ca

n fit their bodies through tiny cracks and spaces, leaving nests, f

ilth and disease in their wake. Rats have large litters of pups frequently, and th

ey are protective and territorial. Their bites are extremely dangerous and, like most wild animals, rats are aggressive when threatened.

For home and business owners in Tampa, rat removal services are a mu

st. Call us for a free consultation. We’ll inspect your property and find out which rat species you’re dealing with, then deal with it for you.

Our knowledgeable staff knows rat trapping Tampa style inside and out.

We know their habits, diet and reproductive cycles. We know which baits will lure them into a humane trap, and we don’t use poisons that are dangerous to humans. Everything we do is geared to protect you, your family, your customers and your property.

Once we’ve completed the rat trapping, Tampa clients are happy to know that we clean up after them, removing nests, droppings and blocking their access points in eaves, siding, walls, chimneys, air ducts and roofs. We also advise our customers on preventive measures, such as proper sto

rage of garbage cans and pruning techniques for trees and shrubs near structures.

Call us as soon as you hear noises in your attic or walls.

If you live in Tampa, rat removal may be just what you need.

Rat on Bell attached to exterior of building