Rats in Forclosure Home

Well as everyone is aware there are more &
more vacant homes that have either been foreclosed on, people have walked away
from, or are bank owned. With that being said a lot of times these homes are
found being occupied by the homeless or better yet look what we found occupying
this foreclosed home… This one happens to be a foreclosure that is bank
owned…. I bet the bank didn’t realize exactly what they “owned.”
As you can tell RATS have taken over this home and set up residency!  We
were contacted by the construction company that was going to remodel this
home… The unwanted house guest put an immediate halt to doing so!  We
did a complete inspection of the property and found that the rodents are
entering thru the soffit in several areas, misc  openings around the home
and thru the sewer system.  We will have to do an exclusion and a complete
attic remediation along with a full decontamination / cleaning of the interior
once all the rodents have been caught.  So, to all of you realtors that
have properties that are bank owned… Remember these homes have probably been
vacant LONG before you contracted them it’s hard to tell what you might find!
Give us a call and we can do free inspection of the property and let you know
of any unwanted house guest of the four-legged nature! We will then provide an
estimate for repairs and upon completion a warranty certificate & animal
clearance certificate that is transferable to the new owner.  We also have
a few tricks and tips that we would love to share with you on how to maintain a
home that has been foreclosed or vacant for sometime… Like our page and we
will send you a complete guide on what to look for & how to prevent this
from happening!