What an unusual situation.

We got a call at Nuisance Wildlife Removal from someone needing rat trapping. We dispatched a technician right away, and what he found was a small hole in the middle of the manicured lawn. It looked almost like a mole tunnel entrance.

He stuck a hose in it and turned on the water to see what would surface, and what a surprise! First the baby rats, then an adolescent surfaced. Then the adults starting popping up. They were all scampering in different directions.

The largest one got away, but not far. He was picked from a nearby bush with a set of snake tongs.



Our technician, who has been catching rats for years, said he’d never seen such a large pack living underground in the middle of a lawn.

In all, 13 rats were “flushed” out in a matter of ten minutes. The home owner was happy to see them evicted.