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Pre Trip Checklist

Leaving your Florida condo for a few months? Here are a few things to consider before you leave for home. Two weeks before you leave: Check to see if any prescriptions need to be filled. Cover garage windows. Call Nuisance Wildlife Removal for a FREE inspection. You dont want any surprise visitors moving in while […]

Better to chase them out than seal them in.

If you are leaving for an extended period of time, and even suspect that you could have rats in your house or condominium, you don’t want to just seal the place up and leave. If there are rats inside, you’ll be cutting them off from food and water, yet not allowing them to escape. What […]

Rats Can Cause Major Damage to Your Home!

Rats are just truly a nuisance and they have goals that can disrupt any home. Rats want a warm, dry area to live, they want food and they want to reproduce. Unfortunately, all of their goals can cause significant health problems for your family. When rats move into a home they leave a mess, often […]

Are You Going to Have Unwanted Guests This Holiday Season?

Unfortunately, it may not be unwanted relatives. It may be Rats! With the cooling temperatures and rain a warm, cozy, dry home can be very appealing to these little rodents. If holiday treats appeal to your family and neighbors keep in mind that rats will be drawn to them as well. What to Consider If […]

When Going Out of Town for Several Days, Prevent Rats from Entering…

When going out of town for several days put saran wrap on the toilet under the seat to keep the moisture from escaping and the toilet from drying up, causing rodents to enter your home through the sewer and then make their way up the toilet. You may want to attach a note to remind […]