Whats the smell in the attic?

If you have a rat problem, or suspect one, then you may encounter the stench of dead animals in your home. If you’ve tried poisons and thought they’d just leave to die, you may be disappointed. Rats will often go back to their nests when they feel the effects of poison, because that’s where they are safest.

You then end up with dead and rotting animals in your attic, your crawl space, or even your walls. It could take months before the stench goes away. And if you’re just noticing it, it will get worse before it gets better.

Here at Nuisance Wildlife Removal, one of the services we offer is the dead animal removal. Our trained technicians will locate and retrieve the dead animals where ever they are, and treat the area with special enzymes which will neutralize the odor and disinfect the affected areas.

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