12:30 am the emergency line rings…

I hear on the other line: Oh thank goodness you answered, in a panic stricken voice, we have a RAT in our toilet! We always keep the lid closed but I was hearing noises and screamed for my husband before I lifted the lid. He came in and before he’d lift the lid he flushed it twice… The noise was still there. He then proceeded to lift the lid and was greeted  with the staring face of a rat. He immediately slammed the lid back down and told me to call someone. Can you help us, please.

I calmed them both down and explained that this is a very common issue. We discussed their options and they chose to wait until the morning to have us come out. They barricaded the toilet/bathroom and tried to get some sleep. I called them back first thing in the AM and I sent a technician out there right away. As you can see below their little guest was still swimming around. We removed it and then inspected the home, the attic, the roof and all other possible entry points. A lot of times, rodents will crawl down the vent stacks on the roof and then the only option is to come up thru the toilet, other times they swim in thru the sewer and then up the toilet. This couple was lucky that they keep their lids closed. A lot of times the rodents come up and then right out into the home causing complete chaos and destruction. Upon inspection there were several areas of concern and we installed pro-stacks over their plumbing stacks to prevent this from happening again.

rat in toilet