A Natural Way to Get Rid of Rodents [Removal Sarasota]

A Natural Way to Get Rid of Rodents

There is a natural way to keep the population of rodents down, and not many people realize it. Case in point is planned “PEThood” who offers a natural solution: free, organic rodent control by way of starting a controlledĀ feral cat colony. The cats they are planning to release in Gwinnett County, Ga. are already altered, that is neutered or spayed, and so there will not be the squalling and fighting that accompanies wild feral cats. These cats are really no bother. So these animals will keep other cats out, the rats will be eliminated, so therefore your problem will be solved.

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Not only will the cats take care of rats, they will also eliminate any moles, mice, voles and snakes. It is natural for the feral cats to hunt all these things naturally. In essence what is happening is that they are reproducing the same situation as you would have if it were a barn cat. The animals would not cause any problems, and would basically do their “job” in the background. They would not be making babies, or yelling and fighting because they have already been altered.

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