Just the thought of rats scampering through your home or business during the night probably gives you the creeps, but you’ve been noticing scratching sounds in the walls and rodent droppings in the bathroom lately. You may not have a full blown rat infestation yet, but the time for action has definitely arrived. Eliminating rats and the damage they cause isn’t easy. Rodents are elusive, and they aren’t particularly fond of traps and poison. They’re just funny that way. You’re going to require the assistance of a rat removal expert to locate, remove and permanently exclude rats and other rodents from your home or business. Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc. is a professional wildlife control company serving the greater Sarasota area, including Parrish, Palmetto, Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and Longboat Key.

    Get Those Rats Out of My Building

    Nuisance Wildlife Removal has the expertise and experience to remove all species of rats, mice and other rodents. Rats begin breeding at an early age, and they really like living in your home, business or industrial facility. Talk about living the good life. A professional rat control specialist can remove and permanently exclude rodents from your attic, walls, insulation, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, cupboards, closet, drop tile ceiling, crawl space, HVAC system, pipes, floors, toilets, roof and a lot more.

    Rats and mice really know how to get around. Those nasty rodents enjoy chewing on AC and plumbing lines, window and door screens, the wires in your car or truck and pretty much everything else on your property. There’s just no accounting for taste. When you need a rat removal professional to remove feces and urine contamination, locate and remove a dead rodent or seal openings where rats and mice have been entering your building, give Nuisance Wildlife Removal a call. We know where to look and how to solve your rat problem.

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    •Building exterior sealing and rodent exclusion
    •Contaminated insulation removal and decontamination services

    Professional Rat Trapping Services

    Rats rely on urine, feces, body oils and scent markings to communicate with other rats and rodents. Not only can those dirty rats enter your building through incredibly small holes, they are adept at spreading at least 30 communicable diseases. It’s essential that your family and employees are protected from the dangerous pathogens and parasites associated with rat bites and rodent droppings. At Nuisance Wildlife Removal, we specialize in making homes and businesses safe and sanitary.

    Rats can be noisy and destructive. They also cause fires by chewing on electrical wires. Rodents spread disease by nesting in HVAC ductwork and contaminating the air you breathe. Breathing air contaminated with rodent urine and feces is the cause of many unexplained environmental diseases. Call the professional rat control specialists at Nuisance Wildlife Removal as soon as you see rodent droppings or hear scratching sounds coming from the attic or walls. Nuisance Wildlife Removal specializes in the control of all species of rats and mice.

    • Roof Rats
    • Norway Rats
    • Wood Rats
    • Fruit Rats
    • House Mouse
    • Field Mouse
    • Water Rat
    • Palm Rat
    • Citrus Rat

    Rat Control and Exclusion

    Rats and other rodents are difficult for home and business owners to control. Rodents are naturally wary of glue boards, poisons and traps. Rats are generally too large for glue boards, and poisoning mice is counterproductive since the mice are likely to die in your attic or walls. A trained Nuisance Wildlife Removal specialist will employ a series of professional exterior and interior traps to solve your rodent problem.

    Proper training and the right equipment make a huge difference when it comes to the control of rats and other rodents. Give Nuisance Wildlife Removal a call today and one of our rat control experts will eliminate unhealthy rats and mice from your building. We specialize in professional rat trapping, rat proofing, rodenticide baiting, feces and urine cleanup and building disinfection in the Florida communities of Parrish, Palmetto, Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and Longboat Key.

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