Rodent Problem Lakewood Ranch, FL

Rodent Problems Lakewood Ranch, Florida
 Consumers rely on professional rodent removal and control services to maintain safe and sanitary homes and businesses in the greater Lakewood Ranch, Florida area. A licensed wildlife removal company can not only eliminate rat and mouse infestations, they will employ proven rodent proofing techniques to ensure that the problem is permanently resolved.

If you have rats and mice, you need the assistance of an expert to limit property damage and the spread of disease. A rodent problem is sure to grow worse unless a professional removal and control specialist takes immediate action. Rodents mature and breed quickly. They habitually inflict costly damage to buildings and facilities. They also leave behind copious amounts of disease and parasite carrying feces.

Get Rats Out of My House

Dead or alive, you want to get rid of that rodent problem before it turns into a major infestation. Perhaps you’ve been hearing scratching noises at night, or you got the shivers when you noticed rodent droppings under the kitchen sink. You know that rodents are slowly taking over your home or business. The thing is, rodents aren’t that easy to locate and eliminate. You’re going to need a rodent removal and control professional with the knowledge and equipment necessary to provide a permanent solution to the problem.




•Onsite inspection and evaluation
• Mouse removal
•Rat removal
• Rat trapping
• Humane and poison free trapping
•Exterior sealing and rodent prevention
•Comprehensive decontamination services.
•Professional guarantee on all work

Rodents aren’t fussy about where they live. Your home or business will suit them just fine. A professional rodent removal and control specialist can eliminate rodents from walls, attics, under the building, in drop tile ceilings, in the AC chase, in the insulation, in between the floor, in the pipes, in the toilet, in the kitchen, on the roof, in the basement, in vents and more. Rodents have also been known to chew on water and plumbing lines, ac lines, vehicle wires, window and door screens and so much more. A rodent control pro can also remove dead rodents from a home or commercial facility, cleanup rodent urine and droppings, remove urine and droppings from insulation and repair openings where rodents can gain access to your building.

Rodents in Lakewood Ranch

It takes a rodent removal professional to eliminate all species of rats and mice. The instinctual behavior of rodents allows them to be wary of glue boards, traps and poisons. A comprehensive approach to rodent control is generally required.

Rodents can access a home or business through hard to notice gaps in the vicinity of the roofline, foundation and HVAC equipment. Once rats and mice gain access to the attic, walls, or crawlspace, they can easily reach any part of a building. They begin breeding at only two months of age. The rest is history. Call a rat and mouse removal control professional today to prevent unnecessary structural damage and the spread of disease.