So the phone call goes like this…  I live on the island and I have been hearing scratching the past few nights… It sounds as though it is something large, I am worried that it might be a raccoon because they just tore down a house next door that had raccoons living in it and I think they may have gotten into my attic. Can you please send someone out to help me.  Of course that is exactly what we did. That afternoon we went out and did a complete inspection of the property.  This was one of the oddest yet most unique houses we have been to.  There was a single one story home in the front that was like an older Florida style and it appeared that the home that was having the issue was behind this home…nope it was actually attached to it. There was a three story home that was built onto this single story home… So we proceeded to look around for what could possibly be going on.  From first look around the exterior there was definitely nothing evident that showed signs of raccoon entry. So we then proceeded up to the third floor where there was a tiny attic entry.  As soon as we opened the door you could smell the urine from rodents…and we could then see droppings as well.  This was a confined space but you could see that they were trailing between the second story and third story floor…right where our customers were hearing the noises. While we were on the third floor we took advantage of the roof access and proceeded with inspecting the roof/ vents for any openings.  We were baffled…there was not ONE opening… all the vents had previously been sealed, including the plumbing stacks and all of the soffit was tight and intact.  We all looked at each other and said well… let’s have a look in the other attic entry and see if we can see anything else. We did not think that it would give us any sign or clue because it was on the second floor with the garage underneath but thank goodness we decided to look.  Below you will see what we saw.  There was not only one but TWO plumbing pipes that were WIDE open and had definite signs of HEAVY rodent activity, along with a ton of rodent droppings and urine throughout the insulation.  The poor homeowners had a company out two years prior and were told that they had sealed the exterior and that their problem was solved… Well not exactly. They did seal the vents…but, that is not how these rodents were coming/going.  So far we have caught 12 rats over a weeks time and are still continuing to trap to date.  Once we have trapped all of the rodents we are then going to do a cleaning/sanitizing of both attic spaces and get the home back to a healthy standard of living.

Rodent Entry Point in Attic


Pipes that are entrypoints for rodents rsz_photo_1 (1)