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Free Animal inspection, call today…

We all like free stuff, and we’re offering free animal inspection to any new homeowner in the Sarasota, Tampa and Bradenton area! The process of buying a home can be very hectic, and there are all kinds of fees, inspections, contracts and real estate agent services that aren’t free. It’s easy to forget a detail […]

Over growth of vegitation causes rat issues

This customer called us because he has had an ongoing rodent issue. The rodents had even started taking up residence inside of his home. You will see from the pictures that the overgrowth of shrubs cause the openings in the soffit which basically left an open-door for the rodents to come and go. We removed […]

Rats in Forclosure Home

Rats in Forclosure Home Well as everyone is aware there are more & more vacant homes that have either been foreclosed on, people have walked away from, or are bank owned. With that being said a lot of times these homes are found being occupied by the homeless or better yet look what we found […]

Having rats in the attic is no fun.

In Florida, whether Orlando, Bradenton, Tampa or Sarasota, the most common way for rats to enter your home is through the attic.

A den of rats

What an unusual situation. We got a call at Nuisance Wildlife Removal from someone needing rat trapping. We dispatched a technician right away, and what he found was a small hole in the middle of the manicured lawn. It looked almost like a mole tunnel entrance. He stuck a hose in it and turned on […]

Rats Can Cause Major Damage to Your Home!

Rats are just truly a nuisance and they have goals that can disrupt any home. Rats want a warm, dry area to live, they want food and they want to reproduce. Unfortunately, all of their goals can cause significant health problems for your family. When rats move into a home they leave a mess, often […]