When it comes to rats and mice, trapping services from a professional are the way to go. DIY rat removal in particular, is not a good idea for home or business owners with a rodent problem. Mice trapping can also be difficult, indoors or out.

This homeowner tried to do it himself. When he discovered that rats were getting into his garage, chewing up his property and making a mess, he decided to take matters into his own hands by purchasing rat poison. After setting out bait all over the place, he figured the problem was solved.

He was wrong. Rats and mice are clever, and many times won’t eat enough of the bait you set out for them. Rat poison is specifically made to fool them, and is formulated with no smell or taste to tip them off. The poison releases slowly, so if the rat or mouse eats a little, it might not be enough to kill them. Then you get sick and dying animals in your walls, which can be a very expensive problem to solve.

Rodenticides are also dangerous if you have children or cats and dogs. Children love to put things in their mouths, especially as toddlers. Pets are used to eating anything that’s available. Using rat poison can have a lot of unintended consequences, some of them deadly.

Still thinking of DIY rat removal? Please think again. Rat trapping and mouse trapping are best done by a trained professional, without poisons. Rat and mice trapping is reasonably priced and more effective than homegrown tactics. Call us for your mouse trapping and rat trapping needs, as soon as you notice the problem!