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What damage can rats cause?

The simple answer would be EVERYTHING you can possibly imagine. But, we will expound a little bit so you can see just what that cute, big eared critter can do. Rats are part of the rodent family which means they must chew. With that being said they can almost chew their way into anything if they so wish to. They are notorious for chewing holes into your home, inviting themselves in- out of the elements. Once inside they have been known to chew wires, burrow holes into your A/C ducts and insulation, all of which sets you, as the home owner, up for contracting a disease from all of the droppings they have left behind. Not to mention that if they make it down your walls and into your living space they will seek out food containers and gnaw through them contaminating them while doing so. They also will destroy crops and gardens and can burrow and undermine concrete foundations and slabs. There is nothing safe from a rat.

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Here is an excerpt taken from a friend of our page:

I live near water in Florida. The rats got into my attic through roof vents that had deteriorated. I was away for a week in the spring and they got into my interior. The damage to insulation in the attic, their chewing everything from wood trim, book bindings, shoes, urinating everywhere cost me over $10,000. The humidity can rust out roof vents fast. I replaced them with stainless steel screening, replaced all the insulation, and had the exterminators caulk every tiny hole in the garage, and exterior. Lessons learned.

Please don’t let this happen to you… Protect your family and your property.

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A rat with large whiskers.