In Florida, whether Orlando, Bradenton, Tampa or Sarasota, the most common way for rats to enter your home is through the attic. There won’t be anything in your attic to eat, so these attic rats will either find a way into your living space, or die trying.

The attic rats will go down to where they smell the food, and sometimes will even chew through the wall or door to get to your pantry or kitchen.

If they fail, they often die there in the wall, causing a terrible stench throughout the whole house. That dead smell doesn’t go away fast, unless the dead rat is removed, and the area is treated with odor elimination enzymes.

We get many calls this time of year to remove dead rats from attics, behind the refrigerator or even in the walls.

Our odor control and elimination experts will find and remove the dead rat, and treat the whole area with odor eliminators.

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