Will rats attack humans? Will rats bite people and are they dangerous?

It is only typical for a rat to bite or attack a human IF IT IS STARTLED. Typically this will occur if they encounter a human that has some source of food on them. For example (warning graphic description) such as a baby, or elderly person that has thrown up or drools or something during their sleep. When the individual wakes up and is startled– the rat is startled and bites in defense. Otherwise, rats will usually attempt to flee if they are cornered, as they much prefer that to any confrontation. The saliva of some rats has hazardous diseases in it such as leptospirosis and Hantavirus. On the rare occasion, some humans that were bitten by rodents can contract rat-bite fever. Humans who get bit by many rodents are vulnerable to tetanus infections as well.

However, rats do live in close association with man they are in fact afraid of us. Whether the lights are turned on or off. Rats are much more intelligent than mice.

Many people are scared of rats and there is good reason for that. Rats have quite a reputation for spreading disease and causing intense amounts of damage and destruction.

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