The stylish suburb of Lakewood Ranch is one of the jewels of the Sarasota region. It is also home to an abundance of sunshine, housing developments and critters that follow wherever human beings settle.

One of them is the Norway rat. Unlike the brown rat or roof rat, Norway rats are huge, up to 18 inches long from nose to tail-tip. You wouldn’t want to meet one in a dark alley, and you wouldn’t want to meet one in your kitchen. Unfortunately, that’s where you’re most likely to find them! When there’s noises in your attic, it could very well be Norway rats. They’re the most common in the United States. In Lakewood Ranch rat removal and trapping services are a must-have for home and business owners.

As the population of Lakewood Ranch residents increases, so does the population of rats. They’re always looking for food around, in and on human property. Unsecured garbage cans are a good way to attract them. So is unsealed food in the house. When it comes to rat removal Lakewood Ranch residents call us to solve the problem.

rat removal lakewood ranch

Cat carrying a rat in its mouth

When they need rat trapping Lakewood Ranch relies on our fast, professional, cost-effective service. We evaluate the property, identify the problem and address it in a methodical and effective way. Our service personnel take Lakewood Ranch rat removal seriously.

When calling for rat removal Lakewood Ranch homeowners find we’re easy to talk to, knowledgeable about management and prevention, and quick to make suggestions that solve problems. We know that noises in your attic often mean an infestation is already entrenched and we move fast to solve the problem, safely and humanely. For rat trapping Lakewood Ranch is strictly regulated, and we keep up on the rules so you don’t have to.

Once the rats are caught and removed, we clear their nests, disinfect the area and close up their points of entry so a new infestation can’t begin. We leave you and your property safe and sound. Give us a call for a free consultation as soon as you think you might have rats!