We all like free stuff, and we’re offering free animal inspection to any new homeowner in the Sarasota, Tampa and Bradenton area!

The process of buying a home can be very hectic, and there are all kinds of fees, inspections, contracts and real estate agent services that aren’t free. It’s easy to forget a detail that comes back to haunt you with problems after the sale is complete. We don’t want that to happen to you.

Here’s a worst-case scenario. This unfortunate homeowner got every type of home inspection checked off the list, except the animal inspection. Days after moving in, she called us to report noises and scratching sounds in her walls and attic. We came out promptly and gave her a free animal inspection, indoors and out.

Sure enough, the previous owner of the home had pulled a fast one. There was an long term rat problem in the house, and he simply cleaned up a little to make it look like there was no problem at all. In fact, rats were getting in through a hole in the roof and had set up generations of housekeeping in the attic. You can see their tracks, here.

After the animal inspection was complete, we set about solving the problem for this homeowner. We closed the points of entry in the roof, trapped the rats and cleaned up their mess. There were a lot of rats in the house!

When you’re buying a new home, don’t get stuck with rats in the house. Home inspection is part of your due diligence before you buy. Don’t forget the animal inspection. It’s quick, easy and free!