Fighting Rats in Major Cities

Did you know that dry ice can be used as a weapon in the fight against rats in major cities? With New York City receiving hundreds of complaints each year, the EPA has ok’d the state of New York’s access to this solid form of carbon dioxide — which is often used as a food preservative, to suffocate the animals inside thier holes.

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A company called Bell Laboratories, makes a product called Rat Ice and it is now legal to use this in New York. A spokeswoman stated that this is a tool to be used to control the pests.

How does it work?

The ice is placed into a hole or burrow of a rat and it then turns into carbon dioxide when it melts. Those fumes will choke an animal and they are left to decompose, NBC Chicago reported.

This is part of a strategy that New Yor City Mayor Bill deBlasios plans to implement that is said to cost up to $32 million to severely decrease the rat population using a variet of methods, including high tech trans cans, NB C New York reported. rat-removal-bradenton

Boston city inspectional commissioner told WBZ news that for places such as fields, parks, and cemeteries, the method suffocates the rats with no other ill effects. There was no issue with the gases because, by the time they reach the surface, they have dissipated to the point where they are not an issue.

Got rats? 

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