If you are leaving for an extended period of time, and even suspect that you could have rats in your house or condominium, you don’t want to just seal the place up and leave. If there are rats inside, you’ll be cutting them off from food and water, yet not allowing them to escape.

What may be awaiting you when you return is the stench of dead and decaying rats on your floors, behind your appliances or even worse, in the walls themselves.

Before you leave, call Nuisance Wildlife Removal at 941-729-2103. We’ll send one of our trained exclusion technicians to assess the situation and show you how to best evict your unwanted tennants. It is better that the rats die in the great outdoors, where mother nature can deal with the mess.

If you’ve already returned to find a stinking situation, call us anyway. We can retrieve the carcasses of your deceased house guests, and treat the area with special enzymes to eliminate the odor, and any health risks to you or your family.