Sarasota Rodent Removal

Sarasota Rat Removal

It’s the beauty of Florida’s warm, breezy climate that brings people to mild and sunny Sarasota. Just being able to pick fruit off a tree in the yard attracts people from all over the world. Unfortunately, that fresh fruit also attracts rats from all over the state.

Preventing a rodent infestation can be difficult. Sarasota is home to a number of rat species, with the most common being¬†roof rats, brown rats, fruit rats and¬†Norway rats. We always advise homeowners to remove fallen and spoiled fruit from the ground to eliminate an easy food source for rodents. Another measure is to trim overhanging trees and shrubs that are near the outside walls of your home so they can’t climb or jump to the roof as easily. Closing garbage cans tightly and keeping them in the garage until just before pickup is another way to keep rodents away.

Rodents can still be a problem, however, because your neighbor’s property may not be rat-free. If you begin hearing chewing and scuttling noises in your walls and attic spaces, and if you see chewed wires, gnawed fruit, holes and droppings, you are in the middle of a serious rodent problem.rats-in-attic-bradenton1

How do I get rid of rats,” you say? The answer is simple. Don’t do it yourself. Handling trapped rats can be very dangerous, since they can transmit diseases to humans through a scratch or bite. Handling rat droppings is also a health concern. Poisoned rats may die in a wall, and then rat clean up can run into hundreds of dollars in demolition and repairs.

Our professional, insured and licensed staff is fully trained in rat removal. We know all the common species in the Sunshine State. We know their habits, diets and where and how they get into your home. We know which rats creep along power lines to get in through your roof and which rats will climb your palm trees. We examine your property and find their nests and entry points.

That’s when rat trapping begins. Our traps are safe and humane. Once trapped, we remove the rats from your home, sealing up their access points so no new rats can arrive in their places. Our rat clean up services keep you and your family safe from their nests and rat droppings.

How do I get rid of rats?” Now you know. Rat trapping and rat removal are just a phone call away!

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