Bradenton Rodent Removal

Bradenton Rodent Removal


Sunshine, mild winters, warm nights and an abundance of beautiful landscaping and fruit trees are just a few of the reasons to you came to live in Bradenton, Florida. Unfortunately, rats like our climate, too.
There are some things you can do to prevent these nasty rodents from invading your home. One is to pick up dropped or spoiling fruit on the ground in your yard. Another is to cut back vegetation near the roof. Yet another is to close garbage cans tightly.
Still, these measures aren’t always effective. Chances are, if you hear gnawing, scratching and squeaking in the walls, attic or outside on the roof, it’s not a mouse or a squirrel. If you see chewed fruit on the ground, stripped wires, grease spots or telltale droppings, you’re already in the midst of a serious rodent problem.
When it comes to the question: How do I get rid of rats?, the answer is easy. Call a professional. Roof rats, Norway rats, brown rats and citrus rats all carry diseases that can infect humans through bites, scratches and contact with rat droppings. Rat trapping and removal can be tricky, especially if the critters have taken up residence in the walls of you home. Keep in mind that a dead rat in the wall can lead to hundreds of dollars in repairs and rat clean up. If you’re under a full-scale infestation, rats can cost you thousands in property damage.
That’s where our rat removal services come to the rescue. Our professionals are licensed and trained in safe methods of rat trapping and rat removal. First, we quickly identify which species of rat is the problem. Every rat is different. For example, we know that roof rats can go from trees to your roof in a flash, gaining access to indoor spaces through any small crevice. We know which kinds of fruit trees in your yard can attract the pesky citrus rats. We can assess your property and find out where they’re getting in.
Next, we trap them safely and humanely, and remove them from your home, sealing up their entry points so that no new rats will find a way in. Rat clean up services are another benefit we provide, ensuring that neither you or your family have contact with infectious rat droppings.
Now when you ask the question, “How do I get rid of rats?”, you know the answer. Call us!

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