Have you ever wondered, which animals hide in attics?

hearing noises in attic venice

rats gathered together by a large doorway

You are in the right place… First lets touch on why the animals are there. Attics make great homey habitats for wildlife because they are rarely visited by humans. Also, they are warmer in the winter time and most of them are filled with lots of clutter. So if you have an animal in the attic in Venice, FL or surrounding areas..  it is not just a matter of the nuisance of the sounds that they make and scratching and chewing. Don’t forget that you never know when you might run into that animal — it could jump on you or even bite you if you venture into the attic. Additionally, on a serious note, many of these animals’ feces or urine contain disease- some contaminants can become airborne- meaning if the particles get in the air and you inhale them the disease is transmitted. Please read further so that you can learn more and be prepared about what animals can invade attics. 

1. Squirrels

The most common animals in the attic are squirrels. These little creatures can be cute, however the damage that they cause is extensive. Typically you will hear their activity in the morning perhaps when you get up for breakfast and then again in theevening when you sit down to dinner. That is when they are likely to return to their nests.

2. Raccoons

Expert climbers who are intelligent and rip open shingles and screens to obtain entry.  Of the largest animals who invade attics, they have droppings the size of cats and often use a common area for that. The smell and threat of disease is a legitimate concern with these.

3. Rats

Unlike other rodents, rats are unhappy creatures out in the wild. They would rather live near human habitats and are found mainly in cities and not the country. They can climb just about anything and crawl through holes so small you wouldn’t think it was possible for anything to fit through there. It just so happens that the attic seems to be their favorite place. Please be forewarned if you are hearing chewing, scratching or pitter patter sounds, rats leave thousands of droppings in a short time. They also leave tunnels through accumulated clutter and insulation. These rodent passages are often stained with the greasy coating of their fur.

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4. Snakes

These guys have no problems getting into attics- if they are climbing snakes. If you encounter snake skins in your attic then that is the easiest way to recognize that snakes are there. Often they are attracted by rats and rodents that currently live in the attic. Once those are eliminated and the holes are sealed up, this will prevent re-entry of the snakes.

5. Opossums

Unless there is a rather large sized opening such as open ductwork or vents, it is less common to find opossums. However, if there is a large opening, a home in your attic would be just fine with them. Since they are slow moving, it is not difficult to trap and catch them. However since this is a wild animal and unpredictable, always contact a professional.

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