Do Rats Come Out During the Day?

Rats are nocturnal animals, so usually they do not come out during the day. Their activity occurs during the dusk till dawn hours. If for some reason you observe rats coming out during the day, it could mean a couple different things.

#1 The nest has been disturbed

#2 They are hunting for food

#3 There is a large infestation

How do they get in?

Full grown rats can manage to get in through as small as a 1/2 inch hole or openeing.  Younger rats can get in even smaller openings. It is baffling how small a hole they can get through, much smaller than you would think. Additionally, if there is a tiny hole, a rat will take that opportunity to knaw on it and make it big enough for itself or a young one to get through.

How long can a rat live?

In general terms, a rat can live about one years time. However if they have a comfy cozy environment and not the threats they would typically have from being outdoors, they can live much longer.

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