Living in Florida means many things to many residents — lots of sunshine and rain, warm temperatures and close proximity to the most beautiful beaches in the world. In fact, our great state offers around 160 state parks for hiking trails, roller balding, biking, jogging and more. For water lovers, there is not only the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, but dozens of lakes, rivers and waterways.

But for those residing near wildlife areas, it can also mean dealing with nuisance animals on your local property. Does your yard attract these unwanted guests? If so, some new landscaping could be in order. This could include moving earth to construct a new fence or barrier on the property. For those inclined to start this work, a tractor rental may be necessary to complete heavy lifting.

Animals to Watch For

In Florida neighborhoods, you may find an infestation of rats, moles, opossums, armadillos, squirrels and snakes. Heck, even that great icon of the American Southwest — the coyote — is starting to show up in back yards, causing alarm while snatching up family pets. More common sightings include the Florida panther, cranes, black bears, and through swamp lands and marshes, alligators and manatees, notes the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

Keeping Animals Out

Animal control experts have a number of ways to keep nuisance animals away from your property. One of the absolutes is to avoid any kind of encouraging and feeding. These animals can be dangerous if provoked. Animal pros also suggest to residents to keep family pets inside, keep trash bins shut and away from prying paws, and keep other desirable food or drinks away from animal access areas.

Here’s why. Deer, raccoons and rats are attracted to your overflowing garage bins and the smell of dinner food from bags placed outside the trash bin. And if these animals are attracted to the outside trash, what’s to stop the predator to those animals: the Florida panther? Yes, Florida’s official state animal is also on the hunt for food and that might take the form of one of these nuisance animals in your backyard, notes the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Better to keep any horses, pigs or other livestock animals enclosed in sheds or barns at night.

Stay Alert

For best responses to any unwanted animal intrusions into a Floridian’s property, nuisance wildlife and animal control experts can be on the scene in minutes. These trained professionals will resolve nuisance wildlife situations with consideration for both the property owners’ and animals’ safety. Whether you need to relocate a wild animal or control and hive of bees, call on experts to take care of your nuisance wildlife problems.

For more information on endangered Florida panthers and what steps are being made to conserve its populations, watch the informative video below.