Winter Park Rat Removal

Rat Removal Winter Park


Nuisance Wildlife Removal in Winter Park provides long term solutions for all types of rodent problems. Both commercial and residential properties are susceptible and commonly infested with rodents in Winter Park. This is the reason we provide inspections to homeowners and business owners in Winter Park: to determine if a rodent problem exists and how to best eradicate it.At Nuisance Wildlife Removal, we pride ourselves on our ability to determine exactly what kind of rodent is causing the issue, whether it be the common fruit rat or Norway rat, allowing a better understanding of how the rats are entering the premise and why rat trapping is needed in the first place.

Identifying signs of rat presence is something our technicians are trained very well in, and one step in developing a successful exclusion and rat trapping plan for your Winter Park home. Looking for those chew marks, torn AC ductwork, grease marks, rat nests, gnawed through wiring, rat feces, and other signs of rats are what allows us to get rid of those pesky citrus rats and brown rats for good.

Simply setting rat traps is not enough. Permanent rat removal demands more. Your Winter Park home or business must be sealed at all possible rat entry points to prevent them from coming back after the traps have been removed. This is why we at Nuisance Wildlife Removal are so thorough in investigating what kind of rodent, like the roof rat, is causing the issue. Every bit of information allows us to determine exactly how the rats are getting in and how to prevent it. Knowing the behavior of each type of rat makes this job easier.

Another reason to call us at Nuisance Wildlife Removal is because we know how to adequately and safely deal with the rat droppings and urine left behind. Rat droppings and the rats themselves carry many diseases harmful to humans that could wreak havoc if this disease carrying material is not dealt with properly. We specialize in not only getting rid of the nuisance rodents and sealing your home to keep them out for good. We are also professionally trained to safely and thoroughly remove all evidence of them ever being there.

Let a professional rodent removal technician help rid you of that pesky rodent issue. Give Winter Park’s Nuisance Wildlife Removal a call at 866-263-WILD.

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