Rats Can Cause Some Major Damage

Rats are just truly a nuisance and they have goals that can disrupt any home. Rats want a warm, dry area to live, they want food and they want to reproduce. Unfortunately, all of their goals can cause significant health problems for your family.

When rats move into a home they leave a mess, often in attics and insulation, that needs to be disinfected. As they get into food they contaminate everything they touch. They may even eat through walls, insulation, wood, pipes and wiring to get to the food they want.

If you live in the Orlando, Sarasota, Bradenton or Tampa area you may find rats living in your attic. If you find them there will be a trail of damage they have caused. Rat Remover does more than just trap and remove rats for you, we can also rat proof your home to avoid the problem in the future and we can disinfect, repair and clean-up the mess the rats have left.

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